Discover the Problem

Reproductive rights, family planning and safe sex is the greatest hoax ever devised against women and families. Disguised as “women’s rights and women’s equality” population control groups, liberal elitists and, eugenicists have successfully convinced the world that such rights liberate women and children from oppression. In reality, these terms are code for abortion rights, birth control rights and sexual rights (without limitations). A result of the “women’s reproductive and sexual rights’ agenda, women have suffered greater abuse and exploitation, a billion children have been slaughtered through abortion, and global populations are plummeting to dangerous levels. While women and children’s lives and health have suffered the brunt of the population control agenda, global economies and national stability are on the verge of collapse.

Women for Life International is a coalition of womens organizations which combine our voices to assist, support, train and educate activists and Nations to defend children, women and families against global assault from the “reproductive and sexual rights and health” agenda pushed through the United Nations population control entities such as the World Health Organization, United Nations Funding for Population, Population Development Council, World Bank, UN Women, UNICEF, etc, pro-abortion human rights and anti-life feminist organizations, International Planned Parenthood Federation, and, other anti-life, anti-motherhood organizations.

Ending violence and exploitation of women and the girl child is an equal concern and cause for WFLI. Every woman and girl child should be protected from: all forms of violence; pornography; sex trafficking; genital mutilation; gendercide and infantcide; forced, pressured, coerced and uninformed abortion; birth control campaigns; forced sterilization; sexual exploitation through comprehensive sex education programs; and, child marriage.

To end violence against women and the girl child we are committed to: international awareness and educational campaigns; establishing safe places where women and children can recover from abuse and exploitation; and, putting pressure on international governments and the United Nations to make this cause their number one priority.