History of the Reproductive Rights Movement and Population Control

The word eugenics, or controlled
breeding to decrease the population
of “undesirables,” often brings to mind
images of the Nazi movement and
Holocaust during World War II.
However, this horrifying movement is
still going strong under the disguise of
birth control and the hidden agenda of
pro-choice groups like Planned
Parenthood. The push to eliminate
the poor and minority races under the
disguise of  “family planning,
reproductive rights and sustainable
development” has already taken its
toll on the human race.The following
pages reveal the true agenda of the
abortion rights movement by looking
at the intent of Planned Parenthood’s
founder, Margaret Sanger, and others

Margaret Sanger, founder of the
Birth Control Movement now
known as Planned Parenthood,
said this about large families:
“The most merciful thing that a
large family does to one of its
infant members is to kill it.”
Margaret Sanger
Women And The New Race