Abortion And Its Violent Effects On Surviving Children

ch 1.19Apart from poor bonding, lack of breastfeeding and increased risk of mistreatment, children who are abortion survivors (children whose parents aborted another child) may also suffer from survivor guilt, anxiety, anxious attachment, distrust, and self doubt. These conflicts and symptoms may be expressed through intense anger in the following ways and for the following reasons:
• Anger at their parents because their existence is dangled on the end of the weak thread of wanted-ness.
• They have no sense of intrinsic worth and therefore others are not worthy.
• They feel there is no right for them to exist, so no one else has that right either, especially if one is not wanted.
• They re-enact their own early surviving by a thread by endangering themselves repeatedly.
• With all their questions about their own existence, they use self injury to reassure themselves they are still alive. “Pain and blood show that I am alive.”
• Because the existential anxiety is so great, they cannot tolerate waiting for the worst so they tend to make it happen before it happens to them.
• They are told by parents who have had an abortion to be careful, so they want to break out and become carefree.

Abortion and its Violent Effect on Surviving Children (2008) Philip G. Ney, MD. www.messengers2.com.

Spiritual Effects Of Abortion

• Sin/Separation from God
• Broken Relationships
• Unforgiving heart towards God/self/others
• Mercilessness
• Discipline from the Father
• Roots of bitterness
• Anger towards self/God/others
• Foothold for the Enemy/Demonic oppression
• Hopelessness
• Inability to receive God’s forgiveness
• Prideful judgment
• Fruitlessness
• Works over grace
• Shame/Secrecy