Did You Know? Health Risks of Abortion (Legal/Illegal)

81% experience an increased risk of mental health problems.

• 65% suffer multiple symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and are at a higher risk of clinical depression.

Abortions take place in non-hospital facilities, ill-equipped for emergency care. 31% had health complications afterwards.

• 10% have immediate complications, some are life-threatening.

• Women who abort are 3.5 times more at risk of death from all causes.

Suicide rates are 6 times higher if women abort instead of giving birth.

• A recent government funded study in Finland shows that women who abort are approximately four times more likely to die in the following year than women who carry their pregnancies to term.

• In addition, women who carry to term are only half as likely to die as women who were not pregnant.

• The researchers found that compared to women who carried to term, women who aborted in the year prior to their deaths were 60 percent more likely to die of natural causes, 7 times more likely to die of suicide, 4 times more likely to die of injuries related to accidents, and 14 times more likely to die from homicide.

• “Abortion counselors continue to lie to American women,” said David C. Reardon, Ph.D.

“They are telling women that abortion is safer than childbirth, when this and other irrefutable studies prove exactly the opposite. If they were really pro-choice, they would want women to know about abortion’s true risks.”

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