Effects of Abortion on Health

Reproductive rights, family planning and safe sex propaganda are the greatest hoaxes ever devised against women and families. Disguised as “women’s rights and women’s equality,” population control groups, liberal elitists and eugenicists have successfully convinced the world that such rights liberate women and children from oppression. In reality, these terms are code for reducing populations through abortion and birth control at the expense of women’s health. This section provides information to help educate women and their families on the risks of abortion and birth control.

“They now tell us that “pregnancy”
does not begin until one week after
fertilization, the time of implantation.
This has fooled untold numbers of
people, including many doctors. But
we are not talking about the mother’s
body. It is quite obvious that life does
not begin when this new human life is
one week old. Life begins when the
sperm penetrates the ovum.”
J.C. Willke, MD