10 Rewards of Waiting

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Ten Rewards Of Waiting

• Waiting to have sex will make your relationships better because you’ll spend more time getting to know each other.
• Waiting will increase your self-respect.
• Waiting will gain you respect for having the courage of your convictions.
• Waiting will teach you to respect others—you won’t tempt or pressure them.
• Waiting takes the pressure off you.
• Waiting means a clear conscience without guilt and peace of mind without regrets.
• Waiting will help you find the right mate—someone who values you for the person you are.
• Waiting means a better sexual relationship in marriage— free of comparisons based on trust. By waiting, you’re being faithful to your spouse even before you meet him or her.
• By practicing the virtues involved in waiting—such as good judgment, self control, modesty and genuine respect for self and others—you’re developing the kind of character that will make you a good marriage partner. Virginity is the best gift you can give your partner.
• By becoming a person of character yourself, you’ll be able to attract a person of character—the kind of person

    Physical, Psychological &
    Emotional Benefits of
    Sexual Integrity

    Higher levels of:
    • Self Confidence
    • Self Esteem
    • Self Respect
    • Pride
    • Educational Performance
    • Career Performance
    • Close Family & Personal Relationships
    • Committed Long-Term Relationships
    • Peace
    • Security
    • Happiness
    • Physical & Emotional Health

Center For The 4th & 5th R’s (Fall 2007) Volume 13, Issue 2.