The Truth About Condoms

• 15 studies on condoms used during heterosexual intercourse found that 4.6% of
all condoms broke and 3.4% of them partially or completely slipped off, with a
total failure rate of 8.1%.

• About 1 in 12 condom uses results in failure. Failure results in exposure to all
the sexually transmitted diseases that a partner has and may result in pregnancy.

• International Planned Parenthood Federation, IPPF, indicates that even with socalled “protected sex” with condoms, the risk of contracting AIDS approaches 100 percent as the number of episodes of sexual intercourse increases.

• Within a year, 15% of sexually active women whose partners use condoms
become pregnant, according to Contraceptive Technology and other top scientific

• After five years, the number of pregnancies while using condoms rises to 56%.

• The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and other global condom
promoters claim that condoms have a 98% success rate instead of the 85%
success rate documented in real-world studies.

• Uganda’s ABC program—Abstinence first, Be faithful in a relationship, and use
Condoms if you’re not—reduced the adult HIV
infection rate from 18% to 7%.

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