Legal Abortion Increases Violence Against Women

• Since the legalization of abortion on demand in America, violence against pregnant women has increased. Research shows that pregnant women are at increased risk of being physically attacked or murdered.
• Homicide has become the leading cause of death among pregnant women.
• In many cases, women were assaulted or killed for refusing to abort or because the attacker did not want the baby.
• A high percentage of women who experienced violence while pregnant reported being punched or kicked in the abdomen, usually by the father of the unborn baby.
• Many women experience abortion as a serious trauma and develop post-traumatic stress disorder. A study at a South African clinic found that 18% of their patients developed post-traumatic stress disorder after aborting.

Communication/Complaint to United Nations Conference on the Status of Women, Human Rights Abuses Against Women in the United States as a Result of Legal, Unrestricted Abortion: Violence Against Pregnant Women, Homicide of Pregnant Women, Coercion to Abort Wanted Children and Uniformed Abortion (July 31, 2012.)

Does Legalizing Abortion
Protect Women’s Health?
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• In the developed world, the decline in maternal mortality rates coincided “with the development of obstetric techniques and improvement in the general health status of women” (from 1935 to the 1950s), according to World Health Organization. This took place well before the widespread legalization of abortion.
• According to the United Nations Population Division (UNPD), there has been no substantial decrease in maternal mortality or child mortality since the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo and the 1995 Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing. This is true even though, in that same period, more women have had access to legal abortion than ever before.

Does Legalizing Abortion Protect Women’s Health? (2009) National Right To Life Educational Trust Fund.