Legal Abortion Is Not Safe Abortion

Dr. Beverly McMillan, MD, the first
woman to open an abortion clinic in
Missouri in 1975, closed her offices in
1978 when she became convinced that
the abortions she was performing were
causing everyone involved far more
harm than good. She states that while
the percentage of deaths from
hemorrhage and infections may have
gone down, the actual number of
women suffering these complications
has gone up far more. The following
pages show more facts about legal
abortion and ways we can reduce the
number of maternal deaths.

Now people assume that
since abortion is legal, it
must be safe. That makes
it harder for women to
resist unwanted abortions
for health or safety
reasons. As a result, the
number of abortions has
increased 10- to 15-fold
with only a minimal
improvement, if any, in
~Dr. Beverly McMillan, MD
Elliot Institute,