Symptoms of Post Abortion Stress

Emotional Changes

Guilt >>> Unable to forgive herself
Emotionally numb >>> Shame
Sorrow >>> Unworthiness
Self-condemnation >>> Feels degraded/ debased
Anger >>> Depression
Anxiety >>> Loneliness
Bitterness >>> Confusion
Fears God’s punishment >>> Fears losing a child
Remorse >>> Grief
Hopelessness >>> Helplessness
Rage >>> Anguish
Panic >>> Frustration
Feels exploited >>> Self-hatred
Despair >>> Regret
Feels isolated/ alienated >>> Feels rejected
Horror >>> Flashbacks/ nightmares
Fears another pregnancy >>> Feels inferior
Preoccupation with due date or anniversary date

Behavioral Changes

Secretive >>> Abusive
Withdrawn >>> Over-protective of living children
Avoids baby reminders >>> Marital stress
Crying spells >>> Sleep disturbances
Develops eating disorders >>> Self-punishing or self-degrading behavior
Alcohol/drug abuse >>> Wants atonement/ replacement child
Changes in relationships >>> Difficulty with intimacy
Loss of interest in sex >>> Promiscuity or frigidity
Suicidal impulses >>> Tolerates abusive relationships
Reduced motivation >>> Loss of normal sources of pleasure
Fails to bond with subsequent children >>> Divides time into “before” and “after” abortion
Damaged relationships with living children

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