Tips on How to Defend Life

“Every woman has the right to control her own body”
Our society limits rights of individuals when they infringe on the rights of others. Apart from abortion, when else may a woman have the legal right to kill an innocent, defenseless human being in pursuit of her career, education, life style or personal interest? Inconvenience does not merit a death penalty.
Control, which involves responsibility and restraint, should be exercised before exposing one’s body to the possibility of pregnancy. Abortion seeks to replace self-control with the right to control the body of someone else.
Her own body does not describe a pregnant body, since science shows us that in pregnancy there are:
2 different heartbeats
2 different brain waive patterns
2 different blood types
2 different sexes
(Ref. Language of Illusion by Jean Garton : The Abortion Slogans)

“Every child a wanted child”

What do we do with those who are “unwanted” in society? Who decides who is “unwanted”? Today it may be the baby, tomorrow it maybe you.

“Abortion, Single Issue?”

Abortion is a tool of choice of: racists, sexists and materialists.
(Ref. Language of Illusion by Jean Garton: The Abortion Slogans)

“Don’t impose your morality on me”

Killing innocent human beings is an absolute morality.
Inconvenience is not a capital offense.

“Abortion is between a woman and her God”

Then, when Hitler was killing the Jews, then, that was between him and his God. A murderer killing his victims is between him- self and his God.
If so, then there is no morality.

“No one knows when life begins”

Except everyone knows when life begins! Biology students know, obstetricians know, pregnant women know. Human life begins when the sperm fertilizes the egg.
(Ref. Language of Illusion by Jean Garton: The Abortion Slogans)

“Mixed messages”

You have enough self-control to- don’t drink alcohol, don’t use drugs, but when it comes to sex, here is the message: “You can’t control yourself, so here is a drug to help you”. People don’t believe the youth can abstain.
(Ref. Mixed Messages A Warning For Parents by Molly Kelly)

“Why is it so hard to give chastity message?”

Chastity can’t be sold. Chastity is a virtue with no industry behind it. The media targets young people to desensitize them with constant bombardment of sexual messages for their buying power. Sex is a big industry.
(Ref. Mixed Messages A Warning For Parents by Molly Kelly)

Sex is so good; it is worth waiting for until marriage. Women want men who respect them and not just treat them as sexual objects. Females have value just because they are a person. Abstinence provides freedom from STDS, pregnancies. In addition it allows the girls know their real worth, makes them more respectable and lets them know that they are really loved.
(Ref. Sexual Purity by Heritage House’76)
For guys abstinence means they are not controlled by sex, they are willing to shun pornography, control their thoughts and see women as fellow human beings and defend them. These true men dare to be different; they are strong overcomers and real heroes.
(Ref. Sexual Purity by Heritage House’76)
Abstinence prevents emotional consequences of pre-marital sex such as: fear, guilt rejection, heartbreak and despair. Sex outside marriage can ruin friendships and it takes rather than gives.
(Ref. Mixed Messages A Warning For Parents by Molly Kelly)

“Safe Sex”
A review by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention determined that condoms reduced the risk of HIV/AIDS transmission during vaginal sex by 85% when used correctly and consistently. Remember this is routinely a fatal disease. Studies show that condoms break or slip 1.6 to 3.6 percent of the time. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration publishes pregnancy expectancy rate with condoms use is 14% if they are used exactly as directed every time. Condoms show some risk reduction for some STD infections.
(Ref. Condoms What you should Know by Heritage House)
But would you fly an airplane that crashes in best case scenario only 15% of the time?

Abortion In Case Of Rape And Incest

It is a cruel irony that while a father can’t receive the death penalty for the rape, his preborn child conceived in that rape can be executed without a trial, jury or judge. Moreover, justice to the mother will not be achieved by sending her to the local abortion clinic to solve her problem.
Can you tell just by looking at your circle of friends how they were conceived? If one had been conceived in rape would you treat them differently? Of course not. Regardless of how a life begins, each person is as valuable as the next. It is no different with the preborn children’s lives.

(Ref. by American Life League, “Abortion Even When the Pregnancy is the Result of Rape?”)